Thursday, May 5, 2011

Miranda and the Order of the Great Find

My Great Find for today
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Year 5 of the Harry Potter series
(hard back with the dust jacket-which is unusual)
for a jaw-dropping $1.50
Original cost listed inside the dust jacket $29.99
Total savings $28.49

Now I only have two more Harry Potter books to find until I have the whole series. My running total on cost- $6. Not bad. I will admit though that this book has some damage. The spine is no longer attached after page 118, and that page is ripped in the middle. Usually, I would pass up a book like this, BUT, I know it can be fixed and that is the only problem in the 870 page book. The spine of my bible became completely separated from the pages and my husband fixed it with some gorilla glue. I'm pretty sure if the stuff fixed The Holy Bible, it can handle Harry Potter. Plus, it was $1.50! Can't pass up a deal like that. :)
Also on my list of great finds today- Judy Moody Declares Her Independence (soft-cover chapter book) for 50 cents. After I found out a movie was being made based upon the Judy Moody books I decided to hunt after the series and so far I have 5 of the 12 book series.
Also, a 'real' book for me to read titled How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls. The title cracked me up, and since I'm a teacher I was drawn to it. Seems like it will be a good, easy, summer read.

For those of you wondering if I'm ever going to post about anything but books, I'm here to tell you that I'm working on a post about the awesome lighting I have found for my house. Stay tuned. Until then, enjoy looking for your own great finds....happy hunting :)

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