Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Blog Post!

Welcome to my first blog post!

I don't know that much about blogs other than...

1. A few of my friends created their own blogs about their personal lives. - This blog is not about my personal life, but it is about the great stuff I find at thrift stores and garage sales.
2. There are a ton of other 'thrift store' and 'good deals' blogs and how mine is different. - The items I buy at thrift stores and garage sales I use, do not intend to sell, and buy because I want/need them.
3. A man on the Today Show today created a blog and before he knew it, his second book was being published. (http://1000awesomethings.com/) So, just so you know, if you are a book publisher- I'm ready to start writing a book, please make a big, preferably colorful check out quickly with fancy handwriting.

Like I just stated, I intend for my blog to be slightly different than the other blogs about thrift stores you'll see. I've looked at a few, and from what I saw, I'm different in my approach because I actually use the things I buy, I'm not just making fun of what I see in thrift stores, I don't buy stuff just to be buying, and last, I don't usually buy something to make something else out of it.
I like to thrift store shop, not because I'm trying to save the world one recycled item at a time, but because I am saving money buying awesome items that I really want and I'm helping out those in need in my community as I shop.
I am a 24-year-old, recent college graduate, without a permanent full-time job (substitute teaching is not full-time and definitely not something that I want to be a permanent fixture in my life), recently married, and I love finding great deals whether it be at thrift stores, garage sales, or just at a great sale at a regular store. I live in Northwest Arkansas and like any other girl, I love to shop. I have intended this blog to be a way for me to share my great finds, give you ideas, and inspire you to find amazing items at even more amazing prices.