Sunday, July 20, 2014

Erin's Pirate Baby Shower

In my last blog post I shared pictures from my friend Amy's baby shower.  At the end of my post I mentioned another shower I helped to host for another friend Erin (who helped with Amy's shower, and Amy helped with Erin's....we're all pretty good friends :)   )
For Erin's shower we decided to take a more 'non-traditional' route.  Erin and her husband Will, decided not to find out the gender of their baby until he/she is born, just as they did with their first child, who turned out to be a girl!  Since we didn't know the gender we tried to stay as 'gender-neutral' as possible for this shower.  Since the shower took place in July, we wanted a summer-y kind of theme, and since Erin's daughter went as a pirate for Halloween, the pirate/ocean theme just sort of fell together.  For this shower we had five ladies (including myself) helping to put it all together.  Again, we divided up the tasks and took off!  Again, I took on the decorations.  :) 
Here are some pictures from the shower.  Again, I'll mention that you are welcome to copy any ideas you see, but please give credit where credit is due.  :)
*Also, again, I am NOT a photographer. :)
Erin was gracious enough to let us host the shower at her home on a Saturday night.  And again we included the boys and kids.  (Nowadays it seems silly not to include the guys...although they did spend a lot of time outside playing bag-o). Since Erin and Will already have another child, and didn't need all the essentials that you would for first-time parents, we requested that the guests bring diapers.  So I guess you could say this was more of a diaper shower.   
I didn't' get any pictures of the meal, but another hostess made lasagna, bread, salad, and dip for the adults and even had corn dogs for the kids. 

 Once again I provided diapers for the Diaper Notes activity.  I changed up the wording of the poem from Amy's shower, but it's still pretty much the same thing.  On the invitations I added what I thought to be a clever line..."Do your duty to help cover the booty!"  So I added that in for this activity.   
 I was so glad my mother had lots of ocean decorations for me to borrow so I didn't have to purchase a lot of extras.  This treasure chest was a perfect fit for the diapers. 
 Again, my mom came through with ocean Beanie Babies to use for decoration.  (Yes, she still has all of my old Beanie Babies...they come in handy!)
 This banner is similar to the one I made for Amy's shower.  I purchased pirate-style paper at Hobby Lobby (on sale of course), cut out pendents, then just using Word, inserted a circle, added word art (using the Blackadder font), and cut them out and glue them on.  Easy as pie.  I used a hole punch to help string the twine through and added a few pieces of ribbon to jazz it up.  'Ahoy Baby K' was specific enough since we didn't know the gender or name of the baby. 

 Amy came up with some really cute games.  For this one you had to guess how many pieces were in the treasure chest.  There were like 79 pieces hidden in there (lots of gold coins!).

  We tried to place little decorations everywhere in Erin's house!
 I found this pirate ship at a local party store.  It was perfect and even had room inside to place some sea-themed Little Debbie snack cakes!

 The cake and diaper cake table.
 Again, I can't take too much credit for this diaper cake.  My mom helped put it all together.  The topper is actually a table decoration I found in a set at a local party store. 
 Again, fellow hostess Trisha had her friend make this cute cake!  I've seen them all over Pinterest.  The cake was strawberry so as we cut into the baby it kind of looked like blood!  Haha!  A friend helped with some tips for cutting a round cake like this.  She cut a small circle in the middle of the cake, then just cut pieces like normal all around it. 
 The gift table with a couple more little pieces. 
 I really wish I could take credit for this, but I can't.  A guest dropped this gift off.  Inside was a box of diapers and a package of wipes (I believe).  Smart thinking to make the package look so cute!
 I can take credit for this though.  'Change Me Booty' on the bathroom door! :)
 I even placed a few decorations in the bathroom.  Why not have every room be decorated?
 Another cute pirate ship decoration!
 Another fun sign for the ice chest outside.  All I did was type up the sayings in Word, print them out, and glue them to a sheet of scrapbooking paper. 
 I just had to make this sign, but didn't really know where to put it, so I taped it to the microwave so everyone could see it as they got their plates.

Amy had another game that was so fun and we still don't know the winner....She had guests place bets to see when Erin would have her baby, the gender, and weight.  Each bet cost $2 (you could do more or less) and when Erin finally has her baby if anyone wins they get half the 'pot' and the Baby gets the rest.  If no one wins, the baby gets all the money!  

We had an awesome time at Erin's shower.  I'm glad we got to bless her with boxes and boxes and boxes of diapers.  Now, it's just a waiting game for Baby K to arrive! :) 

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