Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Finds!

Jeff Foxworthy does a funny bit in his comedy routine about "you might be a redneck if..." Well, I have one to add to his might be a redneck if.... you attend the grand opening of The Salvation Army.

I was actually every excited, and it was a really neat event. Our local salvation army store was in a small building with like 8 parking spots. Now they are in a huge building with an even bigger parking lot. I'm so excited! It's going to be fun shopping there!
Today, I found A LOT of awesome finds!
Check it out!

  • Lets start off with my favorite find of the day- Brand-new Franco Sarto boots (still had the foam and paper inside)- I paid $20.00 they retail for upwards of $200.00!!! Ah! I'm so excited!
  • I found some awesome clothes too! 2 brand-new (with tags) Ann Taylor turtlenecks for $4 a piece- the tag said $68. : )
  • I found some Banana Republic jeans, a brand-new 'Ron Jon' tee shirt, a skirt, another shirt, and 2 shirts for my husband.
  • I also found some random knick-knacks- a gold basket, water bottle, bread plate, purse. Awesome deals on all!
  • I found a vintage pogo-stick that my husband and his friends will be very excited about. It was only $8!
  • The wicker basket was only $10- great deal!
  • I also found a set of 3 spiral light-up Christmas trees for outside that had been $25 (or more) for only $6.50!
  • I've been looking for a wooden window like the one I found, but they are always so expensive. Well, I found this one and couldn't read the tag- was it $2.00 or $20.00? Only $2.00!
I couldn't believe all my great finds! I had my car loaded down and had to drive home to drop it all off before I went to the next thrift store. : ) Oh, and I went back later to look again (total dork, I know) and found a couple more shirts. It's weird how things 'find you'- I was looking through the men's tee shirts and found a project graduation shirt from my high school, from the year I graduated- crazy!

I stopped by another one of my favorite thrift stores and found some cute sweaters- each one was under $5!

So, I mentioned in an earlier blog post about how much I love Ross stores and how one was opening in my town. The weekend it opened I got strep throat- it couldn't keep me away though. I went in and about 3 minutes later decided I couldn't handle it. I felt too bad and there were WAY too many people inside.

Strep throat might not have kept me away, but a busy schedule sure did. I finally got a chance to go back in today and found a few awesome items. You can tell the store has been busy because the merchandise is clearing out fast- I'll have to go during the week sometime when there will be more items.

I'm excited I finally had a chance today to look around and spend some time shopping. It was a great day full of finding great finds!

Hope you all find some awesome deals- and let me know about them! :) Happy hunting!

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