Friday, December 23, 2011

Results Not Typical

It's been a while since I've posted- life has been busy.

I have found some awesome finds the past couple of months but some denim I have purchased takes the cake for great finds. At my local Salvation Army they have a rack dedicated to the more 'designer' brands. Well, this rack has blessed me with two pairs of Seven for All Mankind jeans and one pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans.
Now, some of you might not understand the excitement I felt when I found these jeans. I got all three pairs for $20 each- a steal! These brands of jeans retail for $180 to over $200 for a pair! No really- someone actually paid that much for them and then donated them to the Salvation Army.

Now, this is not typical- NOT typical at all. Out of all the times I have gone to thrift stores, all the trips I've made, throughout every different town- I've only seen one other pair- and the zipper was broken.

So, don't expect to find deals like this the next time you head out to a thrift store, but always look because you never know when something like this might pop up.

Have a Merry Christmas and get out and find your own great finds. :)