Friday, January 2, 2015

$88 top for $2.98!

I love thrift store shopping and finding awesome deals, but what I love most is finding NEW items at thrift stores.  For example, this super cute top I found this past weekend at Value Thrift Store in Tulsa, OK. 
It is from White House Black Market.  I love that store but never buy anything because it's just a little too expensive.  This top was ticketed at $88 and had been marked down twice, once to $49.99, then to $29.99.  Well, lucky for me, it had also been marked down twice at the thrift store.  It started out at $9.98, then it was marked down to $4.98, but I purchased it for only $2.98!   WOW!

Now, it is not typical to find new items at thrift stores, but it is possible.  You just have to dig sometimes.  The Value Thrift Store in Tulsa is large, it took me about an hour and a half to look around.  What I love about this thrift store, besides it's size, is that they mark their items down.  I think once a week they go through and mark down everything before placing new items on the floor.  This not only helps the customer get even better deals, but they are able to have a good turnover on their inventory.  I really wish more thrift stores did this, because I think it keeps the customers returning more frequently because we know there will always be a change of inventory. 

I wish I could say I find good deals like this every time I shop in a thrift store, but unfortunately, I don't.  There are lots of times I walk out empty handed.  This probably happens to you also, but don't be discouraged, next time you might find a whole cart load of items! 

Happy New Year and Happy Hunting!

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