Monday, January 2, 2012

Crafty Wreath at a Great Deal!

This blog post is a little off from my usual posts. I recently joined Pinterest. If you haven't heard of it, you have to check it out. People post tons of awesome ideas. I've found some great ideas that I've decided to try out. But being the thrifty gal that I am I wanted to make some of these crafty deals at a great price.
I found this post from a blogger. (You have to check out her blog-she has some great ideas.) She showed step-by-step how to make an awesome wreath (click on the link to visit her site for her detailed instructions). I wanted to make my own, but wanted to make it at a great price. Luckily, Hobby Lobby had everything I needed on sale. Here's how I made my wreath and how cheaply I was able to make it.
Here were the supplies I gathered. Instead of using material to wrap the wreath, I used ribbon (it's cheaper!). The ribbon was 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so I got the two spools of ribbon for only $3.99 (each spool was originally $3.99). I needed two kinds of pins- regular straight pins (50% off- originally $2.99) and floral pins- the kind with the pearls on the ends (50% off- originally$4.99). The wreath wasn't on sale, but the 10 inch straw wreath was $2.99 (the foam wreaths were about $4.99). The felt wasn't on sale either but four pieces were only a dollar (four for a dollar is a great deal.)

I started by pinning the ribbon in the back and then started wrapping it around the wreath. The ribbon I chose was 3 yards long, so I ended up using a whole roll and probably 1/3 of the second roll. Make sure you layer the ribbon so you don't have any straw showing through. I probably don't need to mention this, but make sure you leave the plastic on the wreath- and make sure you are careful when taking off the price sticker because it easily pulls the plastic off.

This is how far I got with 3 yards of ribbon. I think 4 yards probably would have gone all the way around.

Here is the wreath with all the ribbon attached. I folded over the ends of the ribbon so the edge didn't show- not that anyone probably would have noticed, but it made me feel better.

Next, I added the felt flowers (the blog link can show you exactly how to make them). I used 1 sheet of felt and used a small jar to trace around for my pattern circle. You can make them any size. I think with the smaller wreath, smaller flowers would look better.

Finally, I added the pearl pins. Like my husband said, "Less is more with the fancy ones."
I spent $11.98 in total to make this wreath- but I have enough pins left over for a lot more wreaths; 3 sheets of felt left over (for at least 3 more wreaths); and about 2 yards of ribbon left to use for another project.

All the local thrift stores were closed today because of the holiday, but tomorrow I'm going to be out and about looking at the craft section of the thrift stores. I've seen wreaths made out of just about everything. I'm hoping to find some yarn, material, ribbon, or felt to make some more wreaths.
Happy New Year! May this year you be blessed with some great finds! :)