Monday, October 27, 2014

Craft Fair Finds

Our local 'Craft Fair Weekend' was a couple weekends ago and of course, I found some great finds that I just had to share.
Northwest Arkansas is known for the annual spring and fall craft fairs that are held all around the area.  The most well known is without a doubt the War Eagle Craft Fair held at the gorgeous War Eagle Mill.  Vendors and shoppers come from all over the country to attend this craft fair.  If you don't know about this fair, check out their websites War Eagle Mill and War Eagle Fair.  The weekend it was held we had beautiful weather in the area, it was almost too warm!  It didn't feel like fall, but it was great to be outside and walk around seeing all the amazing artists. There are also indoor shows at some of the local convention centers. To learn more about what they have to offer check out their website at Ozark Regional Arts and Crafts Festivals.  There is also a craft fair held in Bella Vista, Arkansas, (I didn't get to attend it this year) you can learn more at their website Bella Vista Arts and Crafts Festival.

Being a crafty gal myself, I got all kinds of ideas of items that I would like to try to make myself, but I found some things that I just couldn't make myself and that is what I ended up purchasing.

 At only $7.95 I couldn't pass up this cross.  I'm adding to a wall in my living room with a couple other crosses.  So cute and 'country.'
 I'm a horrible photographer, but this print is gorgeous!  (I found the frame at Hobby Lobby.)  I bought 3 other prints from this same vendor last year.  The nicest couple runs this booth and I've been following them on Facebook as they travel around the country attending craft fairs.  He draws these amazing pictures and she takes photographs of churches and angel statues then adds in little one or two line poems.  I LOVE their work.   This colorful bird is named Bernadette and she says 'For a hissy fit...the proper must pick.'  She joins the other birds I got last year, an owl named Alvin and a bird named Eloise.  You have to check out their other works.  I can't brag on them enough.  Here are their websites Silent Echoes (the angels and churches) and Lorenz Fine Art (the birds).  

 This vendor had adorable and funny canvas prints and other pictures. These little bookmarks or tags were only $1.25.  I plan on framing the top one and hanging it in my kitchen.  It says 'I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry' because I can get a little hateful when I'm hungry! :)

 I love love love this tray that says 'Happiness is Homemade!'  The lady that makes these had some really cute designs and plenty of Razorback items.  You can check out her website at Summerlin Design Co.

 This little bird was too cute not to come home with me.  I love the feel of the reclaimed wood and he just matches my living room decor. :) 

I saved the best for last!  This is hands down the best thing I think I've ever found at a craft fair.  I've been wanting some angel wings to one day hang over a crib.  I've seen some other metal ones and some wooden ones but they were always WAY too expensive, we're talking around $150 or more.  I found these at the John Q. Hammond convention center craft fair.  I can't wait to get it hung up!  The lady running the booth was named Miranda too so I knew it was meant to be! Check out their Facebook page at Okie Junkies.

I also found a couple clothing items even though I have a hard time seeing their booths at craft fairs since the items aren't handcrafted like the other items.  But oh, well!

It was a fun time and I always look forward to it every year.  Of course there were some amazing food vendors (like I could pass up the food!).  I even got to try an orangeaid. I've never even heard of one before but it was delicious!  It was made like a limeaid, but just an orange instead of a lime. Talk about wonderful!  I'm going to attempt to make my own at some point. 

If you haven't ever attend a craft fair or these craft fairs I definitely recommend you checking them out next year.  You won't be disappointed! :)

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