Monday, May 9, 2011

Clothes! (Part 2)

So, here are some of my greatest clothing finds. I didn't get pictures of everything, like my Juicy Couture 100% cashmere lounge pants for $10 or my Banana Republic cashmere blend sweater that was only $1.50 during a thrift store's 50% off sale, or the Gap cashmere sweater that was also only $1.50 because those are boxed up with the rest of my winter clothes. Oh, and sadly my Banana Republic jeans that were only $2 because they are just a little too tight, so they are in my 'one day soon can be worn again' pile. But here are some of my more recent finds...enjoy and oh, yeah, be a just a little jealous :)

These three tops all came from the same yard sale a couple weekends ago.
The first black and white sleeve-less top is an brand I love that is sold at Kohl's- $2
The brown top is from Banana Republic- $2
The other black and white top is from Talbot's and was BRAND NEW with the original $89.00- marked down to $52.00 tag still attached.- $3

These are examples of other tops I have found for nearly nothing-
I think they were $1 each.
I hate that this trench coat showed up so orange in the picture because it is a gorgeous coral color. I wore it to church a few Sunday's ago over a brown and coral dress and it looked amazing. Only cost me $5.
I can't wait to wear these two dresses. The one on the left is pink and white seersucker, which I think is so timeless and classic- I only wished I would have found it a week before so I could have worn it for Easter. Found at a thrift store for $6 (but my total purchase was 35% off though because the thrift store was celebrating its 35th birthday- so it was even cheaper than that)
The green and white dress I found at a yard sale. I was debating spending $5, but it looked like it had never been worn and that sealed the deal.

Ah, shoes.
Starting at the left- the red heels and the navy (although they look black) sandals are both brand new- with the price tag still on them. The red ones were $5 and the navy ones were $4 both at the same thrift store.
The red polka-dot wedges in the back are so fun and totally worth the $4 I spent on them.
The black and white polka-dot ones in the front are Naturalizers, which can be pricey- but mine weren't at $3.
The black heels in the back, it's hard to tell, but are covered with black sequins- a little over the top? Not for me- and especially not at $4.
The silver heels and the black peep-toe shoes on the right are both Gianni Bini brand. I love this brand because they are made to last ( I have a pair of brown sandals I got 7 years ago that still look new). Both pairs were $5 I believe. I'm still trying to figure out what to wear the silver ones with, but I just couldn't pass them up.

I have to say, it's hard to find pants/skirts at thrift stores, but these made the cut.
Brown Bass Brand capri pants- $4
Black C.K. Jeans brand shorts -$4
Gap Jeans brand denim skirt- $5
Silk black and white skirt- $1 at a yard sale
These jeans have to be one of my favorite finds.
DKNY Jeans- just my size- looked brand-new- only $10
My husband has also found some great finds on clothes- he would probably hate for me to say this, but he finds more stuff on his own that I do shopping for him. We both have found him nice button-down collared shirts, polo-style shirts, jeans, and swimming trunks for hardly anything. I think my favorite find of his were the brand-new Gap jeans he found in his size. I won't forget him walking over, and being completely unaware of what any brands are or how much they retail for, and asking, "Is Gap a good brand? Are these worth $6?" Yes, they were worth the $6 and they look great on him.

I hope to stumble upon some more great finds in the clothing section- but it takes patience. I hope this has inspired you to search through your local thrift stores clothing section or to take a gamble on that yard sale down the street. You just never know what you will find. Have fun looking for your own great finds...happy hunting :)

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