Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great Finds for the Week of May 8-14

This week I was able to visit two of my favorite thrift stores in my area. Now, I know no one cares but this blog is going to be a little backwards because of how the pictures loaded. I'm the only one who will know, but still...we are starting on Tuesday, not Monday but oh well...

So, Tuesday, I check my Facebook and there is a post from a thrift store that has a location in Rogers and Springdale saying that at their Springdale location all the books and VHS movies are 50% off. Well, after I picked my jaw up off the floor I decided that I would have to make the drive down there to check it out and I'm glad I did. When I pulled up I saw another sight that made my jaw drop- all the pink tag clothes were 50% off as well. YAY!
Needless to say, I loaded up on books. L O A D E D U P. I think I ended up with 42 books (an insane amount for one trip- even for me). There were several hard-back children's picture books and brand new soft-cover books. I was very pleased with my finds. So, after checking out the books, I laid my basket down by the registers and headed for the clothes.

My first find was this like new denim jacket. I had been wanting one ever since my cousin, Joie, found one at a thrift store (actually I was pretty jealous that she found it before I did). Well, I found one and it had a pink tag so I got my jacket for only $4.

Next, I went on to the men's section (sadly, these items had green tags- no 50% off) to see what I could find for my husband.
I got him some great shirts.
First, is this Calvin Klein dress shirt. I looked online and I found similar styles for $65 and up. I only paid $7.

These next two are pearl-snap shirts. My husband loves the look of pearl snap shirts and he looks good in them so I don't mind buying them for him- you can never have enough pearl-snaps. Well, I found two at only $6 each. I found similar styles on the Levi's website for $50 and up.

Now, back-tracking to Monday. I stopped by a larger thrift store I love in Bentonville. I've never seen a store (thrift store or regular) that ALWAYS has a full parking lot. The place is always busy- there is a constant turn-over on their items. So, you have to act fast- if you want something you better throw it in your cart because if you look around and try to come back to it, it might be gone.
Well, my main mission was books- I was going to run in 'real quick' (a total lie- a trip is never real quick) but I got sucked in to the clothing section. Here's what happened. I was walking to the books and cut through the clothing section- mistake, turned into a blessing though. I saw out of the corner of my eye this fun green and yellow pattern, then I saw an original tag hanging from the arm. I went to take a look, praying for it to be my size- and it was! Inside my head it was like an little old lady was standing beside me yelling 'BINGO!' (Oh, and I did find some books).

So, I ended up with this super cute dress for only $8.

Remember how I said before to look for winter stuff in the summer? Well, this jacket I found was too cute to pass up. I love the sequins and it was only $5. I can't wait to wear it this fall and winter- it was worth buying to save for a few months.

I'll be honest about this next find. I picked it up, and put it back, then picked it up again, and debated buying it the whole time I was shopping. It's an official 'Wizard of Oz' shirt. It was only $4 and here is my justification for buying it.
1) It was new- I could tell by looking at it that someone bought it thinking they'd wear it and never did- or it was a gift.
2) I have always liked 'Wizard of Oz' stuff ever since I was in the play. (Quick side story- when I was in 6th grade, the high school did a performance of 'The Wizard of Oz' and cast elementary school kids to be the munchkins- obviously that was the role I played).
3) I figured that I could wear the shirt to school when I get a teaching job and the kids would like it.
4) It was only $4- worth it in my eyes.
So, that is a run-down of my thrift store finds for this week. Like I've said before, you never know what you are going to find. I do suggest to you to become 'friends' or 'like' thrift stores in your area if they have a Facebook page. They'll post sales and makes it easy for you to plan a trip rather than just taking a chance at them having a sale.
Well, that's it for this post. As always, I hope that I've inspired you to go out and hunt for your own great finds....and happy hunting :)

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