Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meal Planning....or lack thereof....

I mentioned in an earlier post about kitchen organization that after going through every single item I had in my kitchen, organizing it, and even documenting it, that I was going to attempt to meal plan.  I will admit this, I did try.  But I will also admit, I failed....miserably. 

I searched through the internet looking for meal planning guides and found too many to count; but none that looked like they would actually work for me.  I tried just writing out my own simple weekly plan.  Monday- blank, Tuesday-blank, Wednesday-blank, etc.  But it seemed like every time I tried to fill it out I realized that was the week we had activities every night.  We would plan out Monday's meal, then I knew we would have left overs for Tuesday, then it was we had plans Wednesday after church, so no meal at home, then Thursday I would have to work the closing shift, then Friday we'd have another set of plans, then, and then and then.... It seemed like we never had a week where we could plan out a week worth of meals or even two days without something happening.  So, I figured out.....meal planning does not work for us.  Actually, meal planning kinda stinks.  There, I said it. 

I'm sure meal planning works well for millions of people, just not for us....at least for now.  For just two people it just didn't work out.  Having a list of what we have in our panty and freezer has worked out perfect for us though.  We can quickly scan it, see what we have, and plan our meals that way.  If I do want to make something special, I can look to see if I have the ingredients quickly and plan out what I need easier.
Oh, and making meals and freezing them?....didn't work either....I tried making a couple casserole type dishes and freezing them, but I just got frustrated once I went to cook them because they were so frozen it took almost twice as long to cook them all the way through.

So, it didn't work....oh well...moving on....

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