Friday, July 19, 2013

Seashell Wreath

I made this seashell wreath earlier this week and I love it!  I bought this wreath ages ago at a thrift store (I think) and it has been sitting in the closet so I thought it was about time it got used!  The seashells came with a candle holder we got for our wedding but I didn't use them.  I wanted to make a fun beachy wreath after coming back from the beach a couple weeks ago.  I looked at hundreds of pictures on Pinterest before deciding to just make it instead of trying to make it look just like one someone else had made.

I laid out the seashells first then just started hot-gluing.  I had a lot of the white shells so I added another row.   

 A few 'special' seashells deck out one of the sides.
Such a simple, easy wreath and I LOVE it! :)

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