Friday, February 17, 2012

Work(s) in Progress

I don't know about you, but I almost always have at least 1 crafty work in progress. I started this project over a month ago. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I was going to look at the local thrift stores to try and find materials to make some more wreaths. Well here is part of what I found. Side note: craft supplies were not as easy to come by at thrift stores as I thought they would be.
The wreath I found at a thrift store for $1.
The red glittery ribbon came from Wal-Mart. You can't even tell it is technically 'Christmas' ribbon- I purchased it at 50% off during the after Christmas sale.
The football ribbon I found at a thrift store- the whole roll wasn't there, but it ended up being the perfect amount plus it was only 50 cents.
The letter 'A' is from Hobby Lobby. It wasn't on sale, but it was only 99 cents to begin with.

My idea for this wreath came together slowly. I found the red ribbon, then the wreath, then the football ribbon, then it all sat in the floor. I pulled everything back out a few weeks later and came up with a plan- a Razorback football wreath of course! Since I do live in Northwest Arkansas -Home to the Arkansas Razorbacks-and we are all Razorback fans, I thought this would make a cute wreath. I then purchased the 'A' in honor of Arkansas.
I started out by wrapping the red ribbon around the wreath. I chose to leave some of the wreath exposed, mostly because I didn't have enough of the football ribbon. I hot glued the ribbon every so often on the back. Did you happen to notice all the red glitter on the counter? It was everywhere by the time I got done. :)

Next, I went back over the red ribbon with the football ribbon. I love the look of the two layers.

I started spray painting the 'A' white. Looking back, I should have just painted it. The spray painting is keeping me from being finished with this project.

When I do finally have the 'A' finished, I plan to glue it so it lays in the middle of the wreath. I think it is going to look cute once I have it finished.
Another work in progress I have going is this Easter garland. Another idea I found on Pinterest (click on the link to see the original). This project was SUPER easy. It seems like a good project for kids too. All I did was string some fishing line through plastic Easter eggs. Small issue to keep in mind, even though my eggs had the holes at the ends (like you need to complete this project), I had to use a nail to open up the holes because the plastic wasn't broken all the way through. I'm not finished yet because I'm still trying to find some ribbon to tie in between the eggs. Still fun and it's going to be cute!
Yet, another project in the works. Apparently, I should be working on these projects instead of blogging about them. :)
I got this awesome peace sign at a craft fair this past fall. Again, should have just painted this instead of spray painting.

Here is my plan, once I finally get it painted, hot glue beads all over it. It sounds really cute when I say it, and looks like it is going to be really cute in my head....but we'll just have to see how it turns out.
So, there are some works in progress. When those are finished I have some more waiting in the wings. Spring doesn't officially start until March 20, but I'm already ready for it. I have a wreath made, and a couple more waiting to be made. I think I'm so ready because I love spring colors- all the pastels! Can't wait. Just a tip when thrift store shopping for crafts- be prepared to not find much. I found a lot of patterns but not craft items (like ribbon, wreaths, buttons, etc) which disappointed me. Hopefully, people will start spring cleaning and be donating items to thrift store so they can replenish their shelves. :) Let that serve as a reminder also that if you have some spring cleaning to do, consider donating your items to a thrift store. :)

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