Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was last week and I turned 25....geez, I feel old...I know I'm not, but I can't help feeling that way. : )
Ever since I was little my mom has always made a big deal out of birthdays so we don't just have a birthday, we have a birthday month. Fun, and cheesy, and even though I'm 25 and in my eyes 'officially' an adult and I now 'officially' a woman, I still think it's fun to celebrate all month long. So, on my actual birthday we had dinner and cake. See the picture below. My sister and I just got back from a trip to Florida and since I love the beach, my cake was beach themed (yes, I really did just turn 25, and have a beach themed cake!) I have a plan to re-use those cake decorations and turn them into a beach themed wreath. Couldn't be the thrifty gal I am if I didn't use them for something else. :)

This past weekend, as a part of my birthday month, my mom and I took a day trip over to Tulsa to shop at some thrift stores and eat lunch and then shop some more. There is a thrift store we go to in Tulsa called 'Value Thrift Store.' (I've blogged about it before.) I got my husband to go in with me once, and he stood next to me until he evaluated the store's shoppers and deemed them safe enough to leave me alone while he shopped the men's section. Needless to say, it's in a 'scarier' section of Tulsa, but I love it! The thrift store doesn't really organize anything, which just makes the hunt more fun. They organize by price, and the longer an item has been in the store, the cheaper it gets. I found some cute stuff for me, and some cute stuff I wish would have fit me. It's funny, the more you thrift store shop, the more you start to recognize the items that 'go together' and that were probably donated by the same person. Apparently some itty-bitty thing donated her old dresses from White House Black Market and Macy's, but if you weren't itty-bitty like she was, you could only look, swoon, and move on. However, I did find some great deals, pictured below, and I got a surprise when I went to check out- everything was 25% off!

The shoes are brand-new (still had the size sticker on the sole-never had been worn) Madden Girl flats for only $3.98! Madden Girl is the 'cheaper' brand of Steve Madden, supposedly 'wallet-friendly' even though the prices range from $50 to $150.
The top to the left was also brand-new- tag still attached. The yellow/black/white top in the middle is Calvin Klein (their tops are anywhere from $40 and up). The top on the right is BCBG MaxAzria and can usually run well over $100. The three tops were all right around $4 apiece.

Also, not pictured is the the Universal Studios mug I found for only 25 cents. Random- but let me explain. Like I mentioned my sister and I took a trip to Florida a couple weeks ago and went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. In the grand tradition of amusement parks, souvenirs were on the expense side, so I was excited to find this mug randomly to not only commemorate my trip, but my thrifty side as well.

My mom and I had fun on our trip, visiting a couple Ross stores (found some cute Easter decorations), Micheal's, and Dollar Tree. Whoa- we are wild women after all! :) Never fails that we find great deals and have lots of fun while doing it. I got some materials to make an Easter wreath- that will have to wait until I get my glue gun back from my sister though.
So, happy birth-month to me and happy hunting for you. :)

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