Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend finds

So, looking back over my blog posts I realized I am a talker, or I guess writer would be a better about this-, here is a short and sweet post about my great weekend finds...

I got to stop by a thrift store I love in West Branson on Friday. I found this beautiful wreath for fall for only $4. One of the pumpkins is a little messed up, but nothing some super glue can't take care of.

These shoes were only $1 at that same thrift store. What? Really? Only $1! I'm not lying.

Back home on Saturday, one of my 'regular' thrift stores the women's tops were 1/2 price. Each one of these tops was only $1.50.

At that same thrift store the ladies had already put out the fall items. (What they do is save the holiday items and only put them out once a year, then box them back up to put out next year.) This cute tablecloth (Be thankful printed) was only $2.

This next item my husband found (yes, my mad skills have rubbed off on him). We have been talking about getting a wireless keyboard and mouse for our computer because (thanks to my awesome husband) we can magically see our computer screen on our TV (I have no idea how it works- some cord- that's his field). So, he found this wireless keyboard and mouse (plus the cord that makes it all work) for only $12.50. We looked them up while we were at the store to make sure it was a good deal, and it was- they are about $30 to $45.

So, I found some great finds this weekend. Hope you all have found some equally awesome finds. As always happy hunting for some great finds of your own. :)

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