Monday, June 27, 2011

Salvation Army Store

I found such great finds today that I literally came straight home to blog about them. I know, I'm a dork.
So here is the loot I found...15 items for $50...that makes everything about $3.33 each.

My favorite find of the day was this dress. Gorgeous!
So, first I went to one of my 'regular' thrift stores and found this awesome black dress. It's the brand INC (International Concepts) and it's sold at Macy's. The dresses are usually anywhere from $70 to $100. I got mine for $4. Ah, I'm so excited to wear's kind of gauzy material and it's flowy...the picture didn't pick it up but it has cute little detailing around the empire-waist. SO EXCITED!

Well, after that I decided to go check out our local Salvation Army store because I've actually never been there (gasp!)! I know, crazy right, I can't even believe it. I was going to try to stop in a few times but they close early and the parking lot is small...excuses, excuses... but now it's my new favorite and here is why...
I went in and apparently some lady who is the same size as me, dropped off a bunch of clothes from Ann Taylor Loft. If I could meet her and give her a hug I would. 4 of the tops I got where from Ann Taylor Loft which is the 'cheap' side brand from Ann Taylor. It's cheaper but not necessarily cheap enough for me. One of the tops I got (the white one in the middle) still has the original tags on it! I found a couple cute Old Navy tops, one from Charlotte Russe, a cute new swimming suit, and I found my husband a Banana Republic polo. I found some way cute brown wedges and a pair of Panama Jack flip-flops too. So much fun- I can't wait to go back. If I would have needed some furniture it would have been a good day because it was all 25% off.

After that, my mom suggested we run to Goodwill. Turned out to be a great idea. I found a brand-new, tags still attached top from Forever 21 (the floral one in the middle). Also, I found a way cute pair of turquoise wedges.

I am thrilled with my finds- I can't wait to wash 'em and wear 'em.

If you have any great finds you would like to share with me, please tell me about them! I love good bargain stories!

Looks like I have some laundry to do...until next time- Good luck searching for your own great finds....Happy hunting :)

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