Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrift Store Back to School Sale

A local thrift store, The Samaritan Shop (one of my favs) has been advertising their 'Back to School Sale' with proceeds going towards school supplies and other needs for local students. Since I'm an educator and understand what it is like for a student to come to school on the first day with nothing, I decided I better go check it out. Also, of course, I was in it for the great deals. The store advertised lower prices on clothing and then mentioned 'new' merchandise.
Now, the area of Arkansas I live in is often known as 'Wal-Mart Country.' The Wal-Mart home offices are located here. So, we have a ton of venders in our area and these venders often sell their items at 'sample sales' they have at their own facilities. But lots of times they donate their items. Well, the 'new' items the thrift store advertised were beauty/bath items that were donated by local venders (I am assuming).
So, to state it simply, aside from some great clothing finds, I got a boat load of NEW bath items for nearly nothing.
Here is my loot. Let me explain my great finds and deals.

So, to start off on the left-
Remington brand flat iron for $10- retail $37.99. I saved $27.99.
Remington hot rollers- I paid $12- retail $20.99. I saved $8.99.
There were a lot of shampoos/conditioners/conditioning treatments/hair gels/etc. I got two different sets of shampoo/conditioners from the brand L'Oreal (which I never buy because it is a little too much to pay). At the thrift store they were only $2.00 x 4= $8.00. Retail- $23.88 (at least). I saved $15.88.
I also bought 3 bottles of deep conditioning treatments (one overnight, one for colored hair, and one for deep conditioning). I paid $7.00. Retail- $23.22. I saved $16.22.
L'Oreal mousse (one of those things I always want to buy but never seem to) I paid $1.00- retail $3.47- I saved $2.47.
Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray- I paid $3.00- Retail $8 (at least). I saved $5.
L'Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Total Eye Correction System (anti-wrinkle/dark circle/anti-bag/puffiness cream)- $2.50- Retail $18. I saved $15.50.
I also got Zest soap (20 pack) for $5.00. Toothbrush (2 packs) for 50 cents. Toothpaste (2 pack) $2.00. Loofahs $1.00 each. 625 count Q-Tips for $1.00.

I know it's a lot to take might seem like a waste but it is all non-perishable items that can be stored. I know I don't need 2 bottles of shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner right now, but I will need them and it will save me from needing to buy them in the next few months.
If you ever stumble upon items like this for such a great deal, grab them up! Especially bathroom items. These seem to be the things that you all-of-a-sudden run out of and can't really go without. Food deals are often perishable or about to expire and need to be used quickly, so tread lightly and smartly with items like that.
I'm excited to try out my new items (like the deep conditioners and under-eye cream). If you live in the Northwest Arkansas area, I highly recommend you stopping by this sale.
As always, happy hunting :)

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